6 Email Marketing Tips and Tricks

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Email Marketing Tips and Tricks That Will Build a Profitable Relationship

In this article you will find 6 email marketing tips and tricks that will help you build your email list and a lasting & profitable relationship with that list. The relationship with your list is one of the most crucial factors. It’s no good having a list of 10,000 people if you are not getting conversions because of a poor relationship with your list.

A good Email Marketing strategy will drastically boost your business and profits. You’ve probably come across the saying “the money is in the list” many of times during your online adventure, and this couldn’t be more true. But a huge list plus a good relationship with this list is the true recipe for success.

Continue below to the 6 Email Marketing Tips and Tricks.

#Tip 1: Add value with your emails

Don’t just bombard your subscribers with product offers and promotions. By offering free advice you will build up trust over time. They need to feel like they know you and trust you before they reach for their credit cards!

#Tip 2: Use your own copy

It’s important to use your own voice in your opt-in copy and emails. People respond to different things, so be yourself and attract the people who genuinely like your tone of phrase. This will help you to build a lasting relationship with your list.

#Tip 3: Use video

Create videos to show your enthusiasm and passion for what you do. This will help the subscriber buy into your personality, help to tell your story and build trust with them.

#Tip 4: Be yourself

Send emails that look and sound like the ones you send to your friends. I find that heavily designed emails give the impression that the subscriber is being marketed to, so I keep my emails short, to the point and chatty.

Tip 5: Links

Include links to videos near the top of the email and repeat the link at the bottom (using the ‘PS’ can be effective for this). This will help increase your click through rate.

Tip 6: Personalise

Avoid addressing the group in your emails. Speaking to one person, your subscriber, will help them connect with your message. If will make them feel more involved in what your saying. This will help build a way better relationship with your subscriber, which in return will make them more responsive to what you have to say.

So there’s just a few quick email marketing tips and tricks for you to start using in your business. Coming soon will be a lot more in-depth tutorials on both my blog and YouTube channel on email marketing.

Chris Burston
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6 Email Marketing Tips and Tricks

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