How to Come Up With Fresh Topics and Ideas for Blog Posts?

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How can I come up with ideas and topics for blog posts?

In this post I will be showing you how to come up with fresh topics and ideas for blog posts. It’s a common question I see all the time when browsing the net, “How can I come up with ideas and topics for blog posts?” It can be difficult to consistently come up with blog topics and ideas that are useful, relevant, and also fresh to your industry.

In this post, I’m going to go through a few ways that you can come up with blog topic ideas, and also some formats that you can write your blogs in. Before we get started, what I suggest you do is set up a file in either Google docs or Google sheets.

With this in place, should any ideas start popping into your head, you can grab your phone and quickly document your ideas. You can also access these files no matter where you are and build up a huge list of ideas. So let’s start with ways to brainstorm topics and help you generate a ton of ideas.

# Number 1: Check the News

Make sure that you’re checking the news on a regular basis. See what’s new in your industry. Is there a new product that’s come out? Is there something that’s trending? And can you write a blog post relevant to that? This is also a great way to make sure that you’re getting traffic as well because people will be searching for that topic.

# Number 2: Industry forums

Answering niche related questions are great for engaging your audience. So make sure that you’re checking out forums that are relevant to your industry and seeing what questions people are asking. Is there something that you can answer or is there something you can give your opinion on? If there is then you can create a blog post around that question.

The best thing to do is research all of the forums in your industry, and make a list in a document or within Google sheets for easy access. You can also setup Google alerts so that anytime new questions or replies come up, you get alerts straight into your inbox.

# Number 3: Twitter

Hop on over to Twitter and search hashtags relevant to your industry and your business or your products and see what’s trending. See what’s coming up in conversations. Is there a particular topic? Is there a particular product model? Is there a particular question? And can you write a blog about that?

# Number 4: AnswerThePublic

This is an online tool that allows you to enter a keyword and in return it gives you loads of suggestions for questions of what people are asking for how, what, and why. You can then use this to come up with your own blog topics and ideas.

This is a tool I have used many times myself. You can check out Answer the Public HERE.

# Number 5: YouTube

YouTube is an excellent source for brainstorming and coming up with ideas for blog posts. You can type in keywords based on your niche and see what titles and topics people are using in there videos. You can then take this titles and use the same topic for your blog posts.

Blog Formats

Now you have brainstormed a great list of ideas, let’s now go through all of the different formats that you can use within your posts. Here are some of th best blog formats you can use to base your content around to keep your audience engaged.

#1: List Posts

Listicles that can provide relevant information to your product, industry or business are a great format to use. They are pretty much guaranteed to grab the attention of a reader because blog posts written in list format, make information easier to consume.

Remember to try and keep these lists an odd number. Blog posts that start with an odd number perform 20% better. So for example, 11 easy SEO tips to implement for your website, rather than 10 or 8. There is actually some psychology behind this which I will cover in another post.

To see a good example of a list post, check out my 17 Ways to Save Money On a Tight Budget post to get a general idea on how you should implement this.

#2: Answer a Question

So we’ve spoken about this before, how it’s great for SEO and it’s really engaging for your audience. Post a question you have found from your research as a title for your blog, and then answer it within the text.

This is one of my favourite options because people are asking questions to resolve a problem. If you can answer and resolve their problem in your post then you will grab their attention and keep coming back to your blog for information over and over.

#3: Guides

Think about beginners in your industry and what can you provide them, a beginner’s guide to setting up an account on something or a beginner’s guide to finding the perfect product. There’s been many times over the years where I have searched Google for a guide on how to do something. If you can write a great in-depth guide then your onto a winner!

#4: Information and News

Think about your industry news. Is there something you can provide your opinion on? If you’re within a big industry such as digital marketing, is there a round-up post that you can do monthly that collates the top stories?

As mentioned earlier, news related articles are also good to generate traffic because people are always searching for the latest news in their industry.

#5: Statistics and Data

Is there some research that your company has done that you can use to write a blog post about? Or are there some new reports out there that you can pull a great statistic out?

#6: Case studies and real life experiences

People love reading about real-life experiences. Is there anyone you can get in touch with about doing a case study that you can showcase on your blog? From my experience of reviewing Internet Marketing products, case studies convert really well, so therefore should be a great option to implement into a blog post.

#7: Interviews / Question and Answers

Is there someone in your industry that you can get in touch with and do an interview or a question and answer session with? Or is there even perhaps a member of staff, someone that you can do an inside life into your business?

It’s a very interesting read for your audience to see a question and answer post from a leading figure in your industry.

Final Thoughts

We have all experienced writers block or lack or creativity at some point during our lives. With the power of Google along with all of the amazing tools, media and research options out there these days, you should never run out of ideas for your blog.

How do you brainstorm ideas for your blogs? Do you do anything any different to what’s on this list. It would be great for you to share your ideas and tips. Any questions just drop me a message, email or add me as a friend on Facebook. You can also join my Exclusive Facebook Group to share ideas and tips.

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How to Come Up With Fresh Topics and Ideas for Blog Posts?

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