The Importance Of Email List Building | Why You Should Be Building an Email List

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In this article i’m to talk about the importance of email list building. Two major announcements from two of the largest social media platforms. I’m also gonna share with you a few simple tips on how you can grow your email list faster so you have to do is stay with me. First make sure you subscribe to my newsletter. My newsletter will include tips, tactics, product reviews, free ebooks, videos and lot’s of other cool stuff.

Let’s get started with the announcements. First off we have Facebook, they announced that they will change the algorithm and it will change a lot on what is going to show up in the newsfeed. This means that it will show much less posts from facebook fanpages. Imagine those companies that have spent thousands of dollars on building the brands on the fan pages now they will lose a lot of money.

The next update was from YouTube and the monetization they announced recently. You must now have over thousand subscribers and over 4,000 watch time hours in the past twelve months to be able to monetize your YouTube videos. Same thing here as the Facebook change, a lot of people that have invested many hours and a lot of money, will lose a lot of money.

This reminds us once again on how important it is to build your own assets that you’re in control of. Email list building is definitely one of the most important assets you can have. It doesn’t matter what niche your in, you should be building an email list! You can promote whenever you want, wherever you want. You’re in control of that list it is that simple!

Email is something we watch and open and see daily even more now when we have it on our mobile phones. So if you haven’t already got started with email marketing and email list building go ahead and do that right away now! You should still spend a lot of time on social media platforms because we want to drive traffic from those platforms.

Now a few tips on how you can grow your email list faster. First off make sure you create a free report, video or a free case study. It should be something that has really good value. We call this a lead magnet and you want to use that lead magnet for exchange for the email address.

You should be driving traffic to your squeeze pages, or to your blog where you have multiple optin boxes to capture people’s email address. Make sure you have on the sidebar of your blog an opt-in form with a call-to-action. This leads to an opt-in page or squeeze page. An exit pop alert when visitors leave your page is also an excellent way of getting them to optin.

You should also have call to actions and optin boxes within your blog post content. It’s also a good ideas to use relevent offers to what the blog post is about. Say for example your post is based around Facebook marketing, you can insert an offer with a free ebook based around Facebook marketing.

Some of my favourites for generating traffic are Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook groups. Not so long back I wrote a review on a product called Traffic Rebirth. This course shows you how to drive an insane amount of traffic using Pinterest. You can see my review by Clicking HERE.

Another tactic I use is creating my own Facebook group. Everytime you make a post in your group, everybody who is a member of your group receives a notification. So this is kinda like having an email list, but on Facebook. It’s still a good idea though to drive this traffic back to your squeeze pages and get them on your email list.

I hope by now you realize the importance of email list building. This is just a quick post, but in the near future I will writing more in depth articles around email list building tactics and traffic generation.

Chris Burston
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The Importance Of Email List Building | Why You Should Be Building an Email List

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