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Taking Action With a Proven Blueprint For Online Success


My Online Journey is the start of a new on-going series documenting my online journey. My only regret is not starting this series a lot sooner, as i’m not a complete newbie to the Internet Marketing World and this blog has been running for around 6-12 months. My plan is to do a new episode on a weekly basis which will go out every Sunday.

This is a very long post and may take you a while to read through the entire article. The upcoming episodes are not going to be anywhere near as long as this one. This being the first episode I just wanted to tell the history so far of my online journey, and lay out all of the foundations to online success.

Continue reading the article to the end and all will be explained, along with a few goodies I have to offer you as well as an introduction to the Quick Start Challenge 2018.

The Beginning

My online journey began back in 2015 when I first came across the concept of making money online. Like most people, the main reason for the initual research was that I was sick of the 9-5 grind of working 40 hours a week and struggling to get by with the ever rising cost of living.

You earn enough just to get by each week with a constant struggle. Something which had to change as I wanted more security and to live the life I wanted to live, not the life I was being forced to live. Living life to the full potential is spending time with family and doing activities you have always dreamed of, not wasting 40 hours plus per week of your life at a soul destroying job you hate.

What I needed was a way to make money online, and a way to automate this process as much as possible to fit around work and family commitments. At first not knowing if this was even existed, but later on found that this is actually possible to acheive.

The Learning Curve

As with anything else in life, there is always an initial learning curve. Back in 2015 when I started this journey, I remember buying my first of many products from the Warrior Plus platform.

As each week went by over the next couple of years, I would purchase multiple products within the make money online niche, learning and absorbing as much information as possible.

On top of the products I was purchasing I was also spending countless hours on YouTube searching for ways to make money online. As you can imagine, you suffer from information overload! There was just so many methods and so many pieces to the puzzle that everything became overwhelming. I’m sure a lot of people reading this can relate to that.

For the next few years I started to suffer what a lot of people go through on there online journey, “shiny object syndrome”. This is where you purchase product after product after product. My hard drive was full of various video and ebook courses. All with great information, but there was never a full blueprint/structure, there was always pieces of the online puzzle missing.

Looking back now, this was still a good thing, as if I hadn’t of purchased all of these products, then I wouldn’t have all of the skills and knowledge that I pocess today. My raw drive and determination forced me to continue, where as most people quit. Something which I will now cover.


It is an unfortunate fact of life that most people will give up on something before they have even began. A big percentage of people buy these make money online products and never do anything with them.

Another certain percentage of people go through the course but never take any action. Then you get those people who take a bit of action on the course, they don’t see any results, so they quit before they ever really properly began.

If only those people who gave up would have pocessed a different mindset, they could of achieved a totally different lifestyle to the one in which they live today. You never know how far away you are from success. The image below is one of my personal favourites. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and this is a classic example.

never stop trying

So how do you achieve this kind of success? You need 3 things…

1. A winners / millionaire mindset
2. Take massive action
3. A proven and tested blueprint

How to Achieve Success

One of the most crucial factors in achieving the lifestyle you want is to first of all develop the correct mindset, the mindset of a millionaire, the mindset of a winner! Without a millionaire mindset you will remain stuck in a lower or middle income reality but once you’ve developed a wealth mindset you will start to automatically do the things you need to do to create more wealth and more abundance in your life.

If you don’t work on developing a millionaire mindset by retraining or reprogramming your subconscious mind, your subconscious negative attitudes and limiting money beliefs will keep you stuck where you are. The following metaphor will give you an excellent understanding of how this works…

Imagine you have a hundred horses and they’re harnessed in such a way that 15 horses are pulling in one direction and 85 horses are pulling in the other direction. The 15 horses are your conscious mind, your conscious intentions and your financial goals. The 85 horses are your unconscious mind, your unconscious program beliefs and attitudes about money. Now clearly in that contest the 85 horses will overpower the 15 every single time! Unfortunately this is the same thing that is happening in your mind. You have to get the unconscious mind supporting and pulling in the same direction as the conscious mind otherwise you’re going to always stay stuck.

As you can see, the first and most crucial step on the road to success is developing a winners mentality. A whole entire article will be written on this subject very soon. If you would like to be informed when it is up on the blog, you can subscribe to my newsletter below.

The First Steps To Success

This is a follow-up to the above section on how to achieve the correct mindset. The number one tip I can give you is read a lot of books and listen to audio books on the subject. Below I will put a list of books and audio books which I started to absorb on a regular bases, which totally shifted my mindset towards life.

The best part about ebooks rather than physical books is you can read them almost anywhere. A little tip I can give you, which I do myself is, if you have a Google account, upload them onto your Google drive. Doing this will allow you to gain access to these books anywhere in the world.

You can read them on your phone, tablet, laptop… or like myself, read them on your lunch break at work if your still in full time employment. Another thing I would do, and still do to this day is put in my earphones and listen to the audio book version whilst at work.

Here is a list of books which I highly recommend you read!

  • A Happy Pocket Full Of Money – by David Cameron Gikandi
  • Secret’s of The Millionaire Mind – by T. Harv Eker
  • The Science of Getting Rich – by Wallace D. Wattles
  • You Were Born Rich – by Bob Proctor
  • Think and Grow Rich – by Napoleon Hill
  • Awaken The Giant Within – Tony Robbins
  • Unleash The Power Within – Tony Robbins
  • Make a Million – Brian Tracy
  • The Psychology of Achievement – Brian Tracy

You can easily get hold of these books on somewhere like Amazon and I highly recommend you get all of the books in this list. Work your way through them and make notes of important sections, tasks, projects and quotes from the book.

Again I make use of Goole’s own tools for doing this. Open up Google docs and create all of your notes inside there. That way you can gain access and read through your notes on your phone at anytime you wish.

Taking Massive Action

There’s an old saying that goes “If you always do what you’ve done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got”. To achieve success and live the life you have always dreamt of, you have to get out of your comfort zone.

As mentioned previously, I was buying all of these courses, gaining a lot of knowledge and skills, but I wasn’t doing anything with it.

“Knowledge is only potential power. It becomes power only when, and if, it is organized into definite plans of action, and directed to a definite end”.

In my journey, I was at the stage where I felt I knew most of the stuff the big online earners knew. Every course that came out, yes I found the odd golden nugget here and there, but I aleready knew 97% of the content inside there.

I’d learnt everything from Blogging, Ecommerce, YouTube, Traffic Generation, Social Media, Affiliate Marketing, CPA etc. But this was the problem, I was doing bits and dabs in everything, and not enough in just one or two things. This is where I knew I had to change my approach if I was going to achieve the success I wanted.

Lazer Targeted Focus / Plan of Action

The main two things I needed to achieve my goal were lazer targeted focus and a provenΒ  blueprint/structure. Previously I was running around 7 different blogs in various niches and making tiny commissions here and there. The first step I took was to eliminate some of these and concentrate on 1 or 2.

In terms of Traffic I was trying every single free and paid traffic method going. I’ve now focused this down to just a couple of platforms and methods so I can focus and build upon these.

The final thing was again, going into Google tools and creating a daily and weekly plan, planning out all of the tasks on a day to day basis. Using this along with Google Calendar to map out affiliate promotions is now a vital tool in my business.

Quick Start Challenge 2018

Last but not least, the final piece of the puzzle in the success of my online journey is the discovery of the Quick Start Challenge 2018. The Quick Start Challenge has ran once every year and is hosted by Dean Holland and Craig Crawford.

This course has a very different twist on it to your typical IM product that get’s released on a weekly basis. You generally either get a PDF Ebook guide or access to a members area containing a number of modules and video training.

This course is a lot different in the sense that everything involved in The Quick Start Challenge is all live coaching. Having an online coach with a proven blueprint to take you by the hand and lead you step-by-step to success is the best thing you can have.

The only problem is, to have an online coach you will have to fork out a few hundred, and in some cases a few thousand dollars. The Quick Start Challenge 2018 wasn’t $299, $497, or even $3,000, I purchased the entire live coaching for under $15… an absolute steal in the IM World.

Final Thoughts

The you have it, the foundations to online success and changing your life for the best.

1. A winners / millionaire mindset
2. Take massive action
3. A proven and tested blueprint
4. An online coach

If you would like to follow me on this journey, subscribe to my email newsletter or join my Facebook Group. Everything I learn along the way, all the success as well as the mistakes I will share with you guys. You will also have access on there to a few ebooks which I have personally written and put together myself.

How far are you with your online journey? What are your reasons for doing this? What are your biggest challenges? What can I help you with? Any thought’s or questions at all just drop them in the comments below or contact me via social

Chris Burston
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My Online Journey – Episode 1: Quick Start Challenge 2018 | The Road To Online Success

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