What is DASH Cryptocurrency | Everything You Need To Know About Dash

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We will be going over the basic features of DASH cryptocurrency. Dash was originally launched as XCoin in January of 2014, and rebranded as DarkCoin soon after. Then in March 2015 given its current name of Dash in reference to the word “digital cash”. Dash is a cryptocurrency platform focused on innovating in the areas of privacy, transaction speed, and decentralized governance.

Partipants in the DASH ecosystem include wallet holders, who can send and recieve cryptocurrency using their private & public keys. Miners, create blocks and validate transactions through a proof-of-work algorithm and Master Nodes which are unique to DASH. They provide an additional layer of functionality which we will look at next. Master Nodes are participants who put up a minimum of 1000 DASH coins as collateral in order to provide additional functionality and governance to the network in exchange for a percentage of block rewards.

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The Master nodes faciliate Private Send, Instant Send and determine how funds in the treasury are spent. 45% of Block rewards go to the Master Nodes, 45% goes to miners and the remaining 10% goes into the Treasury. Block Rewards are split as follows. 45% goes to the miners, 45% goes to the master nodes and remaining 10% percent goes to the treasury. The treasury funds can be used to fund projects which further the DASH platform. These are voted on by the master nodes. PrivateSend is an optional service offered by MasterNodes for a small fee.

It mixes a senders transactions with identical inputs from multiple users into a single transaction with several outputs. This makes directly tracing a transaction nearly impossible. Transaction amounts sent must be multiples of predetermined amounts to allow for efficent mixing. Instant Send is another optional service offered by MasterNodes for a small fee. This allows for near instant transactions by locking transaction inputs while they await being recorded on the blockchain. Locking the inputs prevents double spending of transactions.

Right now is it undervalued is it overvalued? in my opinion I believe right now it is still undervalued. Just because of how far it’S still got to grow and because of how far I believe it’s going to grow in the year 2018. Here’s why I believe it’s going to go up in the year 2018. With more people coming into cryptocurrency and the people that are already in cryptocurrency, they are using Bitcoin.

With Bitcoin being too slow and the fees been too high a lot of people are going to look for alternative cryptocurrencies. The etherium, the light coins, the dashes is where people are going to start getting a lot of value. People will be taking their money out of Bitcoin and send it in places to keep it private. Also, all the newbies who want to get in on the cryptocurrency trend will of only heard of Bitcoin. They will put all of their money into Bitcoin because they know Bitcoin is the current king.

It would be interesting to know other people’s thought’s on this. Do you agree? Where will your money go and on which cryptocurrency? Leave your comments and thought’s.

Chris Burston
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What is DASH Cryptocurrency | Everything You Need To Know About Dash

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